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SuzRocks Rocks With A Little Help From Her Friends

Suz came to me for a masthead design for SuzRocks through the presently-on-hiatus Sweet Blog Design, and, while her needs were challenging, I do love a good challenge. Her list of image must-haves was not for the feint of heart — a world or globe, a mountain range, someone climbing a mountain, an army nurse corp logo, and an EKG tracing, all within the same masthead — and, luckily, my heart is not feint. I dove right in.


While I created the masthead, Dawn Blanchfield worked on the page layout and coding wizardry, marrying our work together beautifully. Thank you, Dawn.

And thank you, Suz, for being so good to work with and giving me a good challenge. My bald patches are growing in nicely now ;)

Go check out the new SuzRocks and see our work in action, because she likes it! She really likes it!
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Reader Comments (1)

I DO really like it. Schmutzie does not lie!

March 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSuzRocks

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