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The Ninjamatics Weekly Roundup: March 6 - March 19

What Aidan did...
  • What Will The Collaboration Between David Lynch And Duran Duran Be Like?
  • Top 5 Movies About Movies
  • Top 10 Alien Films That Will Surprise You
  • Top 10 Time Travel Television Episodes

  • MoxieBird:
  • New York Times Has Stabbed Itself In The Moneymaker With Digital Subscriptions
  • Guy Uses Chatroulette For The Sweetest Musical Marriage Proposal Ever
  • In A Helpful Move Pope Pins Religious Violence On Mythical Figure
  • Science Shows Us That Collectors Are Deranged People: Or How Eric Clapton Ruined My Meal
  • 5 Ways You Can Help McDonalds Reclaim Its Number 1 Position from Subway

  • Prairie Dog Mag:
  • Don't Forget My Lovely Horse
  • Six In The Morning
  • The Hype Is Right: “Friday” Is The Worst Song In The World
  • Six In The Morning
  • Six In The Morning

  • In Palinode's Palace:
  • The Eyes of Meg Ryan
  • The Twilight Saga Saga

  • Ninjamatics Weblog:
  • Hotlinking Is The Devil's Candy, Or Why You Shouldn't Hotlink

  • What Elan did...
    I was featured on Story Bleed:
  • An Apocalyptic Spiritual Revelation On New Year’s Day Morning Leads To Breakfast At 6:00 p.m.

  • Aiming Low:
  • I've Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day
  • How to Make Bacon Even More Enjoyable In One Simple Step

  • Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #54
  • Let's Panic About Babies! Is Pretty Twisted, And You Probably Want To Win Your Very Own Copy
  • Let Your Thoughts Run Free, With A Side Of Bacon
  • Disgusting Toes And Those Who Might Have Sex With Someone With Disgusting Toes
  • Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #55
  • The Potato Prescription: Lemony, Lemony Roasted Potatoes With Garlic
  • I See Kitten Mittens In Onion's Future
  • Do I Ever Feel Like I'm Skydiving Naked

  • Phoneography:
    Two weeks of links is lots of links, so feel free to wander over and see what I've been up to.

    Five Star Friday:
  • Five Star Friday's 141st Edition Is Brought to You By a Dancing Baby

  • Canadian Weblog Awards:
  • An Exclusive Interview With 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Winner Andrea Tomkins Of A Peek Inside The Fishbowl
  • An Exclusive Interview With 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Winner Julie Harrison Of Coffee With Julie

  • Ninjamatics Weblog:
  • Ninjamatics Business Cards Are On Their Way

  • And Elan tended the following ongoing projects:
  • BlogHer's Own Your Beauty Facebook page
  • the Grace in Small Things social network
  • the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards
  • various graphic design projects
  • and she sold shoes!
  • « Megan Jordan's Velveteen Mind: Two Mastheads and a Twitter Background | Main | Hotlinking Is The Devil's Candy, or Why You Shouldn't Hotlink »

    Reader Comments (1)

    My head is spinning read this list. But you didn't include going to that ballet.

    March 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNeil

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